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2nd Semester

Editorial – November 12, 2020

The Chancellor Speaks
Chancellor Bernard Gleton

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Bernard Gleton


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New Semester, New Classmates and New...

Welcome to the second semester. I'm happy to be back in, even more, excited about this semester. My original plan was to have the second semester out by September.

If you've noticed, there has been a couple of episodes that have been released, but due to some circumstances that are beyond my control, I'm able to get everything out to you. Now, before I get into what you have to look forward to this semester, if you've been paying attention to my social media, I've been in the lab working on more things to bring to you guys. By the way, if you're not following the show on social media, you don't know what you're missing.

You can find the show on Facebook and Instagram at @GenesisProjectPodcast. The show also has a Facebook Group, full of people much like you, looking to be in a community of other entrepreneurs and those willing to share their experiences to help you with your business. And you can also find us on Twitter at @PodcastGenesis. Follow the show on social media to hear about things dealing with the show before anybody else find out about it.

I've posted it on social media that I created a course on how to start a business. I realized from the first semester, how can I talk about business and entrepreneurship? Yeah. Some of the people in the class may not know how to start. So with that, I created a couple of courses teaching you How to Start Your Business. There's a mini-course, that's free, and a paid course where I go more in-depth on How to Start Your Business.

And you also get a free ebook with that course. So if you're interested, go to Genesis project forward slash course for more detail. In between the second and third semesters, I will be releasing my ebook for sale. That's the same ebook that you can get for free with the course, I will be selling it on his own. It's called Powerful Entrepreneur.

In this book, I will go over somethings to help you to be more of a powerful entrepreneur. Now, if you wonder exactly what is a powerful entrepreneur and how can it help you to be one, you're just going to have to check out the book. But I will say this, this will ebook will go over the mentality and mindset of being an entrepreneur. Mindset is the MOST IMPORTANT trait to have as an entrepreneur. You have to have the mindset to deal with the stress and emotions of business.  Now, of course, I will go more in-depth as time goes along.

I am really excited to release this to you guys in the course for free, just for you guys to check it out. For this semester, we're bringing into the classroom some amazing guest professors to speak on amazing topics in regards to business, life, and personal lives, to make you all even more amazing than what you are now. This semester I've brought in guest professors to teach lessons such as branding, working out, networking, business management, investing, marketing, fear, failure, social media, mental health positioning, finance, and more.

If you thought that last semester was great, this semester will blow your mind.

Chancellor Bernard Gleton with The Genesis Project Podcast logo in the upper right hand corner

Now to bring this to an end, I want to talk briefly about what is going on within our society. This is typically not the platform where I would like to talk about this, but being that I have this platform, I will be remiss if I don't use this opportunity to express some of my feelings on it.

When I was about 12 years old, my mother sat my brother and me down to make us understand that things will not be fair. And the amount of work that we will have to put in to be nowhere near equal to our counterparts. She made us understand that we already have three strikes against us and that we will forever play with those three strikes.

Those three strikes were us: One; being black, Two; being men, and Three; being intimidating because of how tall we are. Now understand me, I'm not playing the race card, but I am speaking to the level of unfairness that will be forever present. I'll pray that in the hopes of me trying to express my transparency that I don't alienate parts of the class.

With half of my family having some type of law enforcement background, and I mean working for the police department, being a state trooper or sheriff, or what have you, I definitely understand and sympathize with officers. But I feel that we must call out unjustified shooting by police officers.

Again, I was raised by members of law enforcement so I'll be the first one to take their side IF, and that's a big IF, IF, everything is justified. As a black man that's over six feet tall, I've always had a healthy fear of law enforcement. Even as a very, very productive citizen with no record, I have still been profiled, met with unnecessary force, and had guns drawn upon me because I fit the description of a suspect that happens way more than it should. And as of recently, my anxiety has been extremely higher than normal. My stomach drops and turns into knots when I see flashing lights, my palms get sweaty and my breathing increases even when I've done nothing wrong. Why? Because more times than none, I am guilty before proven innocent when it should be innocent before proven guilty.

And I see that there's a problem with that. When I've talked to my counterparts, they don't express the same symptoms that I express. Again, reminding me of what my mother said to the 12-year-old me. If you've never experienced those feelings count it a blessing. I pray that you never have to experience that. These are things that I've talked to my therapist about on numerous occasions and know that there really isn't a fix or cure for it.

Now there might be those few that might say that if I'm having all of these feelings and symptoms, that it just makes me look like I am guilty of whatever, but again if you read carefully, I said, I have no record and never done anything wrong against the law.

However, because of that, I refuse to live with fear. So with faith in my God and continuing to walk the narrow path to return to you guys on your path of greatness and even more, return to my wife and my family, I will continue to move forward. I hate that I'm ending on this note, but it goes to show just how powerful my next statement is...

In everything that you do, everything that you chase after, chase after it with VIOLENT, VIOLENT ACTION.

I'll see you guys in the hallways.

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Remember, in everything that you do, chase after it with VIOLENT, VIOLENT ACTION.

Chancellor Bernard Gleton with The Genesis Project Podcast logo in the upper right hand corner
Chancellor Bernard Gleton

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