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2nd Semester

Social Media Class – January 27, 2021

Guest Professor
Michelle Virog, Social Media Class

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Social Media Class

Since I started my podcast, The Genesis Project Podcast, I hardly ever did social media. In fact, in all honesty, I'm not a huge fan of social media. I'm sort of an introvert in that sense. I would rather prefer to be obscured on social media because I like to have some privacy. For me, anything I do worthwhile will be shared with friends and family and whoever is lucky enough to be around. Even when I do frequent social media, I've realized that my social media is completely different from everyone else. I know because I see what my wife looks at on social media, my best friends, and kid's social media. It's like night and day. In fact, it's so different that I feel like the odd man out!


I guess my feelings about social media stem from all the flashiness of a lot of people.  I'm not the type that will flash like I live an extravagant life. Trust me when I tell you, I am FAR from boring, but I just don't feel like everything needs to be put out for everyone to see. Maybe it has something to do with my own ethnic culture that really turned me off to that. You see, I'm black or African American, and my culture tells me that I should have stacks of money pressed to my ear like it's a phone. Or I should have an obscene amount of jewelry hanging on my neck and rings on every finger to show how wealthy I am. Now there's a distinct difference between people who are really getting money like that, and those who pretend to get money like that. The ones who pretend to get money like that are typically broke as a joke. The same types that use their rent money to buy bottles at the club, or have busted ass vehicles and lives with their parents that swear on everything that they are really out here making money. I hope I've done a great job expressing my disdain for those types of people because it's those same people that try to impress people who don't quite give a damn about you nonetheless.

Again make no mistake, if they are really getting money like that, good for them. I just believe that there would be some order to it. When I buy bottles, it's because all of my bills are paid, I've reached a milestone in my life or business, I'm not staying with my parents and I'm actually doing it with some type of order, and could care less about showing off just because I have it. That's just my two cents and I don't mean to judge. What you do with your money is what you do with your money, I just don't want them to be faking the funk. I hate going to the gym to work out or play basketball and see people taking more pictures for social media than really putting in work.  I find it hilariously funny that those same people put in the caption of those pictures that they putting in work. Sorry, that's one of my biggest pet peeves.

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However, since starting my podcast, The Genesis Project Podcast, I've realized that there's another side to social media. I've discovered that there are people on social media that is not all for the stuff I spoke on in the paragraphs before. People who talk about business, business ideas, marketing, how-tos, motivation, business advice & tips, and so much more. I have no choice but to put myself more out there on social media because of my podcast, but I've met so many people on social media that completely turned my perception of it around. And again, because of my podcast, I'm learning how to actually use social media to market to would-be listeners, guests, and so forth.

Of course, I'm no expert at this but the geek in me has realized that there's more to just posting pictures, motivational quotes, and products. There's really a science to this. To me, that is really intriguing. We're still fighting for likes with half-dressed and sexually suggested posts, but there's still a science behind it. I'm just learning myself and I really like the way things are going. Definitely frustrating at times, but anything that is of worth of value typically can be frustrating.

One of the things that I noticed about social media marketing is the number of posts that they put out there. They have websites pointing people to their services and whatnot. Some of the websites were not really their websites, but a redirect to their website or it shows you a page of options to look at either their products, services, blogs, or websites. I've learned a great deal just from studying and watching other people, but I believe I have come to a place where I need some questions answered. Questions like what is the thinking behind people using a linktree? How many posts do I have to make? How can I reach out to potential customers? And things of that nature. So with that being said, I sought someone who can come and not only teach a lesson on social media marketing but teach me as well. Let me bring into the classroom to teach a lesson on social media marketing, guest professor Michelle Virog.

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Guest professor Michelle Virog

Guest professor Michelle Virog is a social media marketing expert with a great story of how she came to be in the space of social media marketing. She is the founder of BOLD Social Strategies, where she helps business owners and entrepreneurs create a profitable personal brand with powerful content on social media. She also lives with kidney disease. She started her business because she didn't suit the 9-5 corporate world. After being laid off multiple times, she decided to start her own business. She tries to motivate others that it doesn't matter what your limitations are, you CAN be successful and go after your dreams!

When I say that from her, I've learned so much, I've definitely started changing my social media around because of her. She helped me to change my mindset to marketing on social media as well as my approach to social media. She does have a private Facebook group where she is very active in and helping other people like me to market to my perfect listeners and more. She a great woman to learn from and I look forward to more of what she can teach me. Make sure you check out her Facebook group with the link below.

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