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2nd Semester

Positioning Class – January 7, 2021

Guest Professor
Dr. Mark T. Wade, Positioning Class

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Positioning Class

When I was a young man growing up on the west side of Detroit, a lot of the older guys that I looked up to use to have this saying; "It's CHESS, not CHECKERS!" It's funny how that stuck with me throughout all of my years of getting older and wiser. At that time, I understood what was being said, but not to the magnitude that my teenage mind could fathom. It wasn't until I became an adult that I completely and utterly understand what exactly was being told to me.


Nowadays, I find myself telling my kids and mentees the same phrase that was told to me so many years ago. Let me do my best to explain it to you the best way I understood it. The games of Chess and Checkers are both strategy games that force you to think strategically. However, one game requires more strategy than the other game. The game that requires more strategy is the game of Chess. To be a good player of Chess, you have to think multiple moves ahead. You not only have to think multiple multiple moves ahead that you're going to make, but you also have to think about the counter moves of your opponent. To those who are unfamiliar with the game of Chess, the objective is to trap the King and to say "Check Mate".

What do Chess and Checkers have to do with today's lesson? A little of everything. Since my days of playing sports, from little league to the pros and now as a weekend warrior, I always thought to myself, "How can I leverage this??" Let me go a tad bit deeper with that line of thinking. I'm constantly thinking about how I take a situation and use it for my purpose?


For example, with my blog and podcast episodes, I reach out to people who I think will bring my audience, some type of value. I dissect whether they will fit the culture of my blog and podcast. I get intimate with their message, with their ideology, their personality, who do they follow? And who follows them? What type of people do they have in their audience? The size of their audience doesn't mean much, but it does help if they have a fairly large audience. There are so many things from what I've just mentioned that I can use as an example, but I'll just focus on the size of their audience.

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If their audience is about 10k followers on Instagram, I'm thinking, "How can I leverage their audience?" If I was to bring that person on to my show and they promote their episode to their 10k followers on Instagram, I should be able to get at least 1k of their followers to check out the episode by reading the blog or listening to the episode. That is an example of me leveraging their social media followers.


If all of that was a bit much for you, just understand that it's all about positioning yourself and getting the best position possible. What I'm doing here is playing to the numbers of the guest's social media following. Now, of course, that's not my main metric to getting guests on the show and that it plays a very small, minuscule part in the scheme of things.

My thought process of leveraging has, more times than none, always put me in the best position possible. It has done so because there have been very few moments where I took that line of thinking and used it for my own selfish gains. It always involved putting someone in a unique position that will help them, or help to move an idea or a movement forward. In basketball, it is of crucial importance that you are in the best position to rebound the basketball after a missed shot. That way, your TEAM can keep the ball alive and either get another attempt to score or keep the other team from scoring. That's how important POSITIONING is.

When it comes to POSITIONING, I sought after the best person I could find that could teach a lesson on POSITIONING. How to position yourself as a person and most importantly, how to position your business. With that being said, let's welcome to the classroom, guest professor Dr. Mark T. Wade...

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Guest Professor Dr. Mark T. Wade

Guest professor Dr. Mark T. Wade, founder of the Virtual Summits Software, creators of the One-Day Summit, Host, of the Top-rated Virtual Summit Podcast, and Summit Fest Live Conference, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs go from unknown to influencers with a Collaborative Marketing strategy. Dr. Mark went from brick and mortar to multi-million dollar online business using the strategy called the One-Day Summit Formula. He has created 6, 7, and Multi 7-figure businesses all from using summits. He now helps some of the top influencers in the world set up their Virtual Summits using these strategies.

I have to be completely honest, I've been waiting on holiday break to release this lesson with guest professor Dr. Mark T. Wade. This was an amazing lesson because of how we came to meet. I started seeing his ads on Facebook and was immediately intrigued by the idea of Virtual Summits. And like I've already said multiple times in this blog, I asked myself, "How can I leverage this?" I couldn't come up with anything right away so I just put it to the back of my mind and thought about it in my downtime. A day or two later, I get a message from his assistant that he wants to come on to my show. After talking to her, I said sure. On the day of the recording, I started doing my research and to my surprise, it's the guy whose ads I've been seeing.


That made me throw away all of the questions that I came up with and spent the whole recording, asking him questions that I've had since seeing his ads. The reason why I named this class the "Positioning Class" is because while recording the episode, it was very apparent to me that he was teaching me exactly how-to leverage his software to put together my own Virtual Summit coming in April called, The Starting Line Virtual Summit; Get Off The Starting Line And Begin Your Business. You'll see exactly what I'm talking about when you listen to his lesson. Take great notes if you're trying to put your business in the best POSITION possible.

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