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2nd Semester

Phys Ed – January 27, 2021

Guest Professor
Chris "Grizzly" Huff, Phys Ed Class

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Phys Ed Class

As an athlete, there's a feeling that we as athletes get. Before the shutdown of the world due to the pandemic, it was easy to see that feeling in the gyms, jogging paths, parks, basement gyms, and if you're lucky, maybe you can drive by and see it in someone's garage. It's a feeling that can be shared by soldiers and anybody who spills blood, sweat, and tears. It's oftentimes a feeling that is hard to explain to people who never had a drop of sweat drop from their brows before. That feeling of ACCOMPLISHMENT.


You only get that feeling when your account is filled with so much sweat equity, that you're the richest person in the world. When your sweat equity account is so full, that you need to start storing it in your mattress and couch. You're so full of sweat equity that you'll find it in your junk closet when you're looking to grab your bowling ball for league night! That's right baby, you're paying your dues with that sweat equity. Your motivation comes from out of nowhere when you're in your "special thinking place", taking care of business (I'm talking about when you're using the bathroom), and right after you wash your hands, you start to get after it. As an athlete, I LOVE THAT FEELING.

One of my favorite movies of all time is the Back to the Future series. Doc Brown, the crazy-haired guy in the white lab coat, was trying to achieve time travel. He came up with the missing piece to help him achieve that from an accident he had in the bathroom. He slips and falls, and hits his head while standing on his toilet to hang a clock. That when he came up with the idea of the flux capacitor. Yeah, that was my geek moment. But, the ACTION he put in after coming up with that idea, all to have completed time traveling? Not just once, but 3 TIMES! Mainly because of some slight screw-ups which caused them to do it 2 more times, but that's beside the point.

I've been using athletes as described to get that feeling, but I hope I've conveyed to you that you don't have to be an athlete to capture that feeling of accomplishment. For me, the visual is a lot easier to capture your mind because an athlete has to train. You can visually see that the athlete is spilling sweat and blood inside of your mind. If you could picture that, they're motivated by something to keep going. To keep beating themselves into submission. And to someone who doesn't quite understand the reasoning behind their madness, the question that is asked is, "Why?"

2 men in a boxing ring with the referee declaring one the men, the winner

As if the picture above didn't express it enough, that is the motivation. Win or lose, as long as I left it all out there. It's not a cliche unless your competition was better than you and you've given it all you got. It's not a loss, its a lesson. And above all, its motivation to one day be the victor. Whether a winner or loser, it's still a feeling of accomplishment. That should be the motivation above all.

The reason why we're having a Phys Ed class is that it wasn't until I started training, my focus improved. Just staying in shape mentally and physically. I call the gym my mistress. Try explaining that one to your wife or husband. Early in my marriage, trying to get hang of the married life, I used to visit my mistress quite often to relieve stress and to find peace as I try to figure out what I did wrong and how I can be a better husband. It's funny seeing people's reaction when my wife tells people that I have a mistress. When I really need to work on myself, my mind, to find clarity, it's the only way I can get it. My mistress is rough, she bites and leaves me sore, BUT I become more focused mentally and physically. Again, just for context, when I speak of my mistress, I'm speaking of the gym.

Since the last blog post was about mental health, somehow this seems fitting. Mainly because this helps me tremendously when it comes to my own mental health. This week's lesson is timely, mainly because of the global pandemic, we can't gym the way we used to. If you lucky enough to have the gyms open, it's not quite the same like it used to. You may not be able to get in the gym because of the capacity limit. Even if you are able to meet the capacity limit, you're fighting harder for equipment than you use to because it's even more limited now. The world changed so much that now, the way we gym had to change. Gym sessions have now become virtual and are now the suggested thing to do. So with that being said, our guest professor today teaches us a lesson on motivation through the gym. Let's welcome to the classroom, guest professor Chris "Grizzly" Huff.

Guest professor Chris "Grizzly" Huff in his gym after finishing a set
Guest Professor Chris "Grizzly" Huff

Guest professor Chris Huff is the owner of Performance 80 training and founder of Performance 80 fitness non-profit. With over 20 years in the industry, it's no doubt that he knows what he's talking about. From training future and present athletes to people losing weight and those who are just trying to lose the COVID 20, he has transcended into a new territory that is completely new to him. But as I mentioned earlier in this post, his motivation and sweat from his brows have pushed him to pivot from business as usual to a new way of doing business.

His ups and downs in this lesson will have regular people thinking that he is crazy, but to those of us who know better and welcomes the challenge, we'll look at it as if it's just another day of the week. For the regular people who read this post, allow this to be an introduction to you capturing that accomplishment feeling and letting sweat form on your eyebrows.

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Instagram: @p80fitness_official

Twitter: @Performance80FS

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