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2nd Semester

Overcoming Class – March 4, 2021

Guest Professor
Actshun Terrell, Overcoming Class

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Overcoming Class

People love an underdog story, but no one likes being that underdog in any story. The underdog tends to deal with an insurmountable amount of pressure, self-doubt, loss of faith, and many times their possessions. But somehow, someway, the underdog is able to triumph in the end and get more than they had in the beginning. Life is hard. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Everything is hard. The great Bruce Lee said, "We shouldn't pray for an easier life. We should pray for the strength to endure the life that we have." That tells you that we're meant to endure, survive, and thrive in our lives.


The cheers of the crowd are loud when you're down, but the crowd roars when you come back from being down. We've seen where sports teams are down and we count them out but see them make some type of miraculous come back to win the game. We've seen Tom Brady do this multiple times. It takes an extreme amount of focus, determination, and grit, but what about those of us who just don't have it in them? Who maybe lacks the focus and the grit? Who may not have the determination? Hopefully, within this blog, you'll be able to take away some steps on "Overcoming".

The difference between being the underdog in a sports game and in real life is that there's no game clock in life. At least in a game, you can look forward to the game being over. In life, it's not over until you give up. That means that it can last longer than we want it to. It can also get worst before it gets better. It getting worse can mean losing a loved one, being evicted out of your home, separation from your significant other, and the list can go on. Think about the mental taxation that person must of had to endure while going through it.

Stick your foot in the ground and get up the field!!

I once had a football coach say, "stick your foot in the ground and get up the field." Here's the first principle for you. Stick your foot in the ground and get up the field. In layman's terms, move on. Whatever you're dealing with, you need to be all in and move on. Draw that line in the sand and make a decision. At some point in time, you and only you alone will have to make that decision to start moving forward. You will need to be completely committed to moving forward. This is only the first step, but it's typically the hardest step. What needs to be understood here is that once you start, you're going to build up momentum to keep things moving in your favor. So trust me when I say, when you're making that decision to move forward, things tend to get easier after that.

Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay
Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay

Stay Focused!!

There's a reason why veterans are good hires for companies when they are looking for workers. It's because of their discipline and focus. Their mental fortitude is like a steel trap, molded by their superiors to ensure that the job gets done in Hell or Hi-Waters. You don't have to be a veteran to get that type of focus. If you're a person who works out regularly, you already have the focus. All you have to do is redirect that energy towards whatever it is you're going after. You gotta find that thing, that one thing that you can keep your focus on and go all out. Tap into that warrior that you have buried inside of you somewhere. There's a reason why you see and hear people in the gym grunt when they're working out. They do that to get that extra push to move the weight around. Does it help? It sure does!

In this lesson, these are just are few of the principles that your guest professor utilized to get to where he is today. When you hear his story, you'll start to see why being an over-comer is something that I think we all should be practicing. He will go even deeper on the principles to become an overcomer. He has a unique story and background that shouldn't be a surprise to many other people. Let's welcome to the class to teach us this lesson on overcoming, is guest professor Actshun Terrell.

Guest professor Actshun Terrell
Guest professor Actshun Terrell

Those who don't create systems and automating them, find themselves spending more time working in the business instead of working on the business. If you're looking to replace yourself one day, it is very imperative  that create the systems to replace yourself. That is the most optimal way to think about your business. If you are able to replace yourself in an area of your business, that means you have more time to yourself to do whatever you want to . Be it sleeping in with your significant other, or maybe play a round of golf or two. It also frees you up to put your mind on more business. Even if you were to hire someone, you've already got the procedures and systems in place to do exactly what you do and how you do them. Coming into the classroom to talk more about creating systems for your business is our guest professor for this week, guest professor Creighton Wong.

Guest professor Creighton Wong, is a business owner, business marketer, world traveler, adventurous foodie, and all around curious about living a full life! He is an above the knee amputee who has been an accomplished athlete, competing in the Iron Man and decathlons. He's known as a traveling nomad, growing his business from where ever he ends up at. As founder of Exponential Clients, his goal is to grow 1000 businesses. 1000 BUSINESSES!!!

It was an amazing lesson that he taught to the class that had me solidify everything that I've always told my clients about making technology work for them and not the other way around. You'll see from his speech that professor Creighton knows what he's talking about when it comes to business. He has done more in his life, despite his physical disability then anybody know who has all working limbs. If you play your cards, maybe you'll be one of the 1000 businesses that he wants to help.

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Make sure you check out everything Actshun Terrell got going on, by connecting with him at:


Email: [email protected]

Facebook: @actshunterrell

Amazon Books: Camouflaged Cries: All Lies On Me


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