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2nd Semester

Motivation Class – February 18, 2021

Guest Professor
Xavier "Mr. Hope Motivates" Robertson, Motivation Class

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Motivation Class

By definition, motivation is the state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something. Motivation can come from all types of places. You can get motivation from videos, books, music, speeches, or motivational speakers. On those days where I need a little more motivation, I have a whole playlist on Spotify for motivation. That list consists of artists who I feel have that sound of hunger in their songs. For example, I have the original Rocky theme song in my playlist. If you're a fan of the Rocky movies, you know just how pivotal that theme song is. You know that as soon as you hear that song, that inner motivation to get things done no matter how dire the situation is, coming out of you. In my playlist, it's heavily packed with the first albums of the artists I like. Mainly because from those albums, you hear the hunger, the motivation in which they release their passion in the albums. Some of those artists are able to keep that same hunger throughout their careers and then there's some who loses that hunger. That's motivation.


There's a passion and a hunger that is tied to motivation. To see it live and in person, or virtually, look at all of the underdogs that somehow scratched and clawed their way into the wins column. That is why the famed Hail Mary play in football is exciting. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. You're either going to find your motivation from inside of you or from your outside surroundings. How else can you explain the underdogs that finds a way to win? Everyone loves an underdog story like Rudy, but without that intrinsic or extrinsic motivation, what are your true reasons for what you are doing? Once you figure out your "Why", you'll find your motivation.

So, what is your "Why"?

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Simon Sinek has an amazing book and a Ted Talk about finding your "Why"? Once you figure that part out, you'll find your motivation. When you hear about everyone who has ever done anything incredible, you've always heard about the reason behind "Why" they did that amazing thing. Hip-hop mogul, Jay-Z once said in a song, "I can't help the poor if I'm one of them. So I got rich and gave back to me. That's the win/win." Clearly in a rhyme such as this, his motivation was to not be poor. Not being poor was Jay-Z's "Why". If you're looking for motivation to help you on your path, just think about your "Why".

Henry Ford was an automobile pioneer. He became a pioneer because he wanted his product in everybody's possession. His own workers could get the cars that they were building. Amongst other things, his "Why" turned into creating payment options and financing for his employees to own the product that they were creating. His "Why" lead to an revolution in financing. But that revolution didn't just stop with the automobile industry. It actually spread beyond that. It lead to the way we buy houses, boats, some high-priced products, so his "Why" changed the world of finance sort to speak.

What is your motivation? When you look at athletes, you see them fall and get back up again, there's some sort of motivation for them to get back up. Something that keeps them in fight. There's a story that I heard that always come to mind when I speak on motivation. A general was leading his men into battle. The general had to win this particular battle in order to turn the tide of the war. If they lose this battle, they lose the war. Upon reaching shore, the general and his men set foot on the shores of battle. When everyone was on shore, he gave the order to burn the boats that came to shore with. He told his men, "This is where we will make our mark. We will either win, or die trying to win." A lot can be said about that story. Let's identify what was the motivation.


The general and his men were heading into battle. Knowing how crucial it was for them to win this fight to change the tide of the war, the general had to find a way for his men to understand the seriousness of this fight. In order for them to understand the seriousness, he had the boats burned. The motivation that the general gave to his men was to win or die trying. Could he have gotten his men motivated some other way? I'm sure he could have, but to get rid of any doubt, he forced them to have one option. That one option was forward, not backward.

Motivation is that extra push you need to keep going. My favorite motivational speakers is Les Brown, Steve Harvey and Dr. ET The Hip Hop Preacher. I enjoy listening to stories where people came from nothing and turned it into something. For me personally, it's more so the thinking process of how they overcame. The principals they've used to get through the tough situations. It's a lot that can be said about the mindset and the principles that they employ.


Keeping with that theme, I just so happen to know a motivational speaker within my own network. In fact, I've literally watched him grow up from a kid, into the man that he is now. While I didn't have no hand in molding his mindset and thinking, I was really impressed with how he came to be today. A standup guy with an overwhelming abundance of value to offer to everyone he meets. I believe that motivation is still needed, even to the most motivated individual, to stay focused and to stay on task. That's why having him come to the class to teach this lesson on motivation couldn't have come at a better time. Coming into the classroom to teach this lesson on Motivation is our guest professor the day, Xavier "Mr. Hope Motivates" Robertson.

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Guest Professor Xaiver "Mr. Hope Motivates" Robertson

Guest professor Xavier "Mr. Hope" is a Motivational Speaker, Author, Mentor, Life Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist. Born and raised on the west side Detroit,  Mr. Hope matriculated through one of the most prestigious high schools in Detroit, Renaissance high school and then went on to complete his Bachelors of Science in Biology. Now Community activists and mindset transformer, Mr. Hope, through his books, podcasts, and social acts enable individuals to experience physical, mental and financial wellness in overflow and abundance.

I can personally say that from time to time, I question whether or not my thinking is on the right path...Ok, in all honesty, I just want to make sure is it me that's crazy? Or is it the other people that's crazy? I say that because, sometimes I think to myself, "I can't be the only thinking this here!!!" From this conversation I had with the guest professor, I realized that maybe it's just everyone else that's crazy. For him to be so young and just understands this stuff, proves that he's beyond his years in wisdom. So if you're in need of a little motivation to get you across that finish line, guest professor Xavier "Mr. Hope Motivates" can be that guy to pull it out of you.

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