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2nd Semester

Business Management Class – November 19, 2020

Guest Professor
Landie Stevens, Business Management Class

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Business Management Class

From my consulting experience, it appears that business management is an unsung hero for businesses that do well and more so like the hunchback of Notre Dam to the businesses that don't do well. To put it in plain English, one of the differences between a business doing well versus a business doing bad is the management of the business.


There are many pillars to business management like the management of finances, management of sales, management of systems, and so forth. The idea is that all of these working together in sync with each other will provide a successful business. One kink in the chain and you're starring down the barrel of your business's demise. But what's the one thing that is making sure that there are no kinks in the chain?

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The MANAGERS! The managers are the ones that keep the machine running smoothly. They are the enforcers of systems and in most cases, enforcers of people. But what if you have a bad manager? A bad leader? Or a bad supervisor? You won't only have one kink in the chain, but potentially multiple kinks in the chain. Can you imagine just how bad of an effect that can have on your business? Worst of all your bottom line?

The need to hiring the right talent to keep your business running smoothly has always been and will continue to be a topic of discussion. Google is famous for its out-of-the-box interview questions, while some businesses use personality tests, other businesses use assessment tests and other businesses use non of the above. Some businesses rely on science and other businesses rely on good old fashion gut intuition to picking a good candidate for jobs. I use to think it was amusing the lengths businesses go to trying to land the right candidates as someone who went after jobs UNTIL the tables turned and I had to find good candidates. Now I begrudgingly take back ALL of the nasty stuff I might have said when applying for jobs and managers I felt that didn't have a finger on the pulse of what's going on around the company.

Now that I have a better understanding, I had to go find someone who could speak on how to be a good, better, great manager, and leader. From that search, I found a guest professor who has more than enough experience to talk about this lesson. We didn't talk about systems, but we concentrated on the "People" aspect of being a manager and a leader. With over 27 years of experience from working from the bottom to the boardrooms, this South African professor was perfect for teaching this lesson.

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Welcome to the class to teach this lesson, guest professor Landie Stevens of Landie Stevens Consulting. As a consultant, coach, and business owner, you can clearly hear the passion that she has to empower people, leaders, and businesses so that they can equip and empower others. As a coach and consultant, she took those nuggets of failure and victories and share it as much as she can. She has somehow worked just about every aspect of management from managing teams up to 250 people, to departments, regions, and companies.

She takes a careful and detailed approach to walk a journey with people to navigate a leadership role, envisioning, developing, and executing a strategy. From this lesson, I've learned so much and I know that you will as well. Make sure you take good notes with this lesson and put it to good use.

Make sure you check out everything Landie Stevens got going on, by connecting with her at:
Instagram: @LandieStevensConsulting
Facebook: @LandieStevensConsulting


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