Fear 101 Class

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by Bernard Gleton     •     March 18, 2021     •     Fear 101 Class

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Fear 101 Class

As kids, we all were afraid of something. Whether it was something under the bed or in the closet, Jason or Freddy Kruger, or some other scary thing. When we became adults, we've realized how silly it was to be afraid of those things, but now, we have bigger and scarier adult fears. They keep us from doing things or stop us dead in our tracks. We just assume, from watching movies, tv, and books, that courage will just appear when we need it the most. Yeah, if you think that's laughable, I get it. So do I, but that's what we really think. I'm an action guy, so imagine Schwarzenegger having to jump into a flying helicopter to save his own skin saying, "No. I'm scared!" That would be a hilarious sight to see! 

It's funny but let's have an honest moment here, how often do you find yourself being scared or having the fear to do something? Believe me, when I tell you this is a safe space so it's okay if you admit to the fear. I find myself having fear in putting out episodes of my podcast, The Genesis Project Podcast because I don't know if it will be received the way I think it would be. I don't necessarily want to be in front of the camera because of my own insecurities, but how else can I get people to check out the podcast on social media? At the end of the day, what's most important?


When I talk to clients about fear, I have multiple stories to help drive home the importance of handling fear. My favorite story illustrating this point, you will hear later, but my second favorite story is me and football. I'm a slim 6 foot 5 guy playing football. I don't mind hitting people, but if I'm on the offensive end and have a choice of running you over or outrunning you, I'm going to choose the latter. However, there are times where you have to put your foot down, square up the defender, and run through that person. Do I want to hit? No, but at that person, it's either him or me. And it's not going to be me. That's just the mentality that I have, and that's generally towards everything I do. The fear is still there, but I've managed the fear to do what needs to be done. So here are some tips that I personally use to manage my fear with life, love, and entrepreneurship.  

Tip #1

My favorite thing to do when I'm faced with fear is to ask myself, "What's the worst that can happen?" My wife hates it when I say that because she knows I'm about to throw caution to the wind and just jump. My wife hates it because she doesn't like surprises, but I don't mind taking calculated risks as long as it's in my favor. If the odds are 51%-49% in my favor and I think it might be worth it, I know that I have the comfort of knowing that I have that 1% on my side. Of course, in order for me to stay married, I need the odds to be greater than 51%. It has to be something like 60%-40% for me to jump. But if I was single again, I would be living on that 1%!

I've heard a great quote from the book "Tribe of Mentors" by Tim Ferriss that goes, "Not dead, can't quit." I love this quote because it reminds me of the type of grit that you have to have when playing sports. This is the same type of grit that you need when it comes to chasing anything worth wild in your life. This is great because we as humans are so afraid of the unknown. By asking ourselves that question, we're able to give that fear a face or an identity for us to stare at it in the eyes and decide who's the boss. So the question you need to ask yourself is, are you dead? What's the very worst thing that can happen?"

Tip #2

Whether you're spiritual or not, you need to have faith. Whether it's faith in your God, the universe, or at least at the bare minimum, YOURSELF! I heard Ash Cash, @ashcash, say during an interview with Earn Your Leisure, @eyl, that "if we are made from the creator, we're supposed to be little creators too. Because we are made in the image of God. So we should be gods as well. GREATNESS ON DISPLAY." That was such an awesome quote that I might do something with that slogan and give him the credit for it. 

Simply put, if it wasn't simply put before, in all of us is the ability to create. We ARE able to create. Should you let fear stand in the way of something that you were born to do?? Get out there and go get what is rightfully yours! 

A cartoon of a guy running from his ghostly shadow
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Tip #3

If the first tips I gave you aren't working for you, then do this next tip. You always want to save this as a last resort. This is your "Break In Case of Emergency" tip. Are you ready for this tip? Brace yourself now... Take a deep breath and hold it for a three count. Clear your mind. Do it again. Do it for a third time and this time, close your eyes and do it anyway. 

Listen I know fear is not something that can easily get over, but oftentimes, it's just bigger in our minds than it is in real life. When you drive and you want to change lanes, you look in your rearview mirror, and then you check your blindspot. The message that is on your rearview mirror says, "Things may appear closer than they are." That's there to make sure you check your blindspot. Your blindspot is that fear that is keeping you from changing lanes. If your breakthrough, gift, blessing, is on the end of the branch, would you let go of the bark of the tree to get it? How bad do you want it? If your answer doesn't lead you to let go of the tree to get to the end of that of the branch for what you've been wanting and asking for, then you must not want it that bad. 

What's the worst that could happen? Not dead, can't quit.

Many people have spoken on fear and many more will continue to do so. My only wonder is, how many people are going to take those wise words that have been washed, repeated, and repackaged for people to use, to actually be used? That's obviously a question that only you can answer. However, there have been countless accounts of fear in dealings with entrepreneurship, negotiations, talking to the opposite sex, speaking your feelings, and all of that, but at which point do you make the jump? It all comes back to one of the questions I asked earlier, how bad do you want it? My grandparents used to say, "Don't be afraid of your own shadow." Your shadow can't hurt you and neither can most of your fears. So are you going to be afraid of your shadow?

If you're anything like me, I draw on people's experiences when it comes to certain things. One of those things is fear. For example, how do firefighters deal with their fear to run into a burning building? How about police officers who get into shootouts with suspects? My favorite example is the special operations teams like the Navy Seals or Army Rangers. How do they go into what seems to be a no-win situation, knowing that things will still get dicey? Are all of these people fearless? I've had the pleasure of speaking to maybe one person who has been of one of those professions, but I do know someone who has had the pleasure of being in front of half of my dream people to talk to. Actually, people would say that we look alike. Ok, spoiler alert, we're actually identical twins. My twin is probably the best person within my current circle of influence who has the credentials to speak on fear. So with that being said, let's welcome to classroom guest professor Clarence Gleton.

Guest professor Clarence Gleton after completing a round of exercises
Guest professor Clarence Gleton

Guest professor Clarence Gleton is an Air Force Veteran that served half his time in Washington, D.C., working directly under President Obama, in and around the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. Going through an additional 8 more weeks of intense training out of basic comparable to Special Ops, staying fit was apart of this crucial special duty assignment. Being a former college athlete and after going through training in D.C., he decided to follow his passion for fitness after being stationed at Hill Air Force Base and pursue a certification in personal training through NASM. His training style is high-paced, motivating, and aggressive. His job as a trainer is to challenge you to break through your perceived limitations placed upon you by you, your family, and friends to achieve the body that you desire. His specialty is changing the way you view life and yourself. His training specialty is athletic performance training and as a mental strength coach.

Doing a tour of duty, guest professor Clarence has had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with former prisoners of war, Medal of Honor recipients, special operations team members, and the likes thereof, and asked them all the same questions that he and I toss around. Questions about how they were able to stay focused and triumph within the insurmountable dangers, and pressures going on around them. That also leads to great stories that were being told to him and great stories that he himself has to offer. I could not find anyone better to speak on this topic, other than my identical twin brother. So without further ado, let's welcome to the classroom guest professor Clarence Gleton.

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