New Opportunities Class

Street signs that says "Impossible" and "Possible"

New Opportunities Class by Bernard Gleton     •     September 9, 2021     •     New Opportunities Class Share this article: What’s Your “I AM” Statements? There was a time in my life where I wanted more and knew that I could have more. I was lucky to have been raised in a…

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Fear 101

Two people dressed up as ghosts, with sunglass in a busy downtown city

Fear 101 Class by Bernard Gleton     •     March 18, 2021     •     Fear 101 Class Share this article: Fear 101 Class As kids, we all were afraid of something. Whether it was something under the bed or in the closet, Jason or Freddy Kruger, or some other scary thing. When…

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Business Systems Class

Gears scramble across the floor

Business Systems Class by Bernard Gleton     •     February 25, 2021     •     Business Systems Class Share this article: Creating The Easy Button(s) You ever met someone who was anal about the details? Maybe it was the way they like to keep their desk and you borrow a pen to…

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Motivation Class

The word "DOUBT" with UBT crossed out

Motivation Class by Bernard Gleton     •     February 18, 2021     •     Motivation Class Share this article: Motivation Class By definition, motivation is the state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something. Motivation can come from all types of places. You can get motivation…

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Sex Ed Class

A woman leaning in to give her boyfriend a passionate kiss

Sex Ed Class by Bernard Gleton     •     February 11, 2021     •     Sex Ed Class Share this article: Sex Ed Class No, it’s not a typo. You’ve read that correctly. Welcome to Sex Ed Class. Honestly, it is a tad bit out of my comfort zone to have this discussion outside…

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Social Media Class

A neon social media like sign in a dimly lit room

Social Media Class by Bernard Gleton     •     February 4, 2021     •     Social Media Class Share this article: Social Media Class Since I started my podcast, The Genesis Project Podcast, I hardly ever did social media. In fact, in all honesty, I’m not a huge fan of social media. I’m…

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Phys Ed

2 men in a boxing ring with the referee declaring one the men, the winner

Phys Ed Class by Bernard Gleton     •     January 28, 2021     •     Phys Ed Class Share this article: Phys Ed Class As an athlete, there’s a feeling that we as athletes get. Before the shutdown of the world due to the pandemic, it was easy to see that feeling…

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Branding 102

A guy with glasses playing chess, making a chess move

Branding 102 by Bernard Gleton     •     January 14, 2021     •     Positioning Class Share this article: Branding 102 I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs the difference between marketing and branding. To refresh your memory a tad bit, marketing is just getting your message out to the masses where branding…

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Counseling Class

A woman therapist talking to her male client in a office.

Counseling Class by Bernard Gleton     •     January 21, 2021     •     Counseling Class Share this article: Counseling Class In our annual Mental Health episode, I wanted to talk about somethings that I have been experiencing recently. I’ve come to realize that as an entrepreneur, the road is oftentimes lonely…

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Positioning Class

A guy with glasses playing chess, making a chess move

Positioning Class by Bernard Gleton     •     January 7, 2021     •     Positioning Class Share this article: Positioning Class When I was a young man growing up on the west side of Detroit, a lot of the older guys that I looked up to use to have this saying; “It’s CHESS,…

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