Overcoming Class

A person standing at the waterfront, looking at the sunrise with their hands in the air in triumph.

Overcoming Class by Bernard Gleton     •     March 4, 2021     •     Overcoming Class Share this article: Overcoming Class People love an underdog story, but no one likes being that underdog in any story. The underdog tends to deal with an insurmountable amount of pressure, self-doubt, loss of faith, and many…

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Motivation Class

The word "DOUBT" with UBT crossed out

Motivation Class by Bernard Gleton     •     February 18, 2021     •     Motivation Class Share this article: Motivation Class By definition, motivation is the state or condition of being motivated or having a strong reason to act or accomplish something. Motivation can come from all types of places. You can get motivation…

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Sex Ed Class

A woman leaning in to give her boyfriend a passionate kiss

Sex Ed Class by Bernard Gleton     •     February 11, 2021     •     Sex Ed Class Share this article: Sex Ed Class No, it’s not a typo. You’ve read that correctly. Welcome to Sex Ed Class. Honestly, it is a tad bit out of my comfort zone to have this discussion outside…

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Counseling Class

A woman therapist talking to her male client in a office.

Counseling Class by Bernard Gleton     •     January 21, 2021     •     Counseling Class Share this article: Counseling Class In our annual Mental Health episode, I wanted to talk about somethings that I have been experiencing recently. I’ve come to realize that as an entrepreneur, the road is oftentimes lonely…

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