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by Bernard Gleton     •     February 25, 2021     •     Business Systems Class

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Creating The Easy Button(s)

You ever met someone who was anal about the details? Maybe it was the way they like to keep their desk and you borrow a pen to use and put it back, and they know someone moved it? How about when they have a certain way of doing things and when you try to introduce them to a different way of doing it, they can't budge from what they know? You've probably even called them crazy from time to time, right? Yeah, I know you have because I've done that too. How about when it's brought to your attention that its you who is that crazy person that is very particular about certain things? Did you think you were crazy or you just want it your way, however way you do it?


Needless to say it was brought to my attention by no one else but my wife that I'm that crazy person who needs to have things in a certain manner. I'm not like that with everything, but with certain things. Of course leave it to the love of my life to pick something out about me that I was completely blind to. Of course I didn't want to believe her, but once I asked my circle outside of my wife if it was true or not, I gotta admit that I was pretty disturbed by the resounding yes. I still don't believe them, but I guest if I had to be realistic, I can see why they gave me that resounding yes. I rather not be realistic when it comes to this, but my wife thinks that I need to be more realistic with things anyway, so I guess her and my inner circle is right. In fact, if I look back at some of the instances in my life where I was very particular about the details, they have a very solid point. So I've done something that I have to be very prepared for, I asked my wife to name a time where I was that particular about the details. I asked for ONE INSTANCE, she gave me a whole list. I was prepared for the one instance but not a list of instances. So like a good husband, I sat there and swallowed my tongue and took my medicine.

I'm not going go through the whole list, but she did bring up how I acted when we were planning our wedding. So my twin brother was the first to get married out my inner circle and being apart of his wedding, I learned what I wanted and what I didn't want in and at my wedding. My wife says that I was a groomzilla. I beg to differ. Like I've mentioned earlier in this article, I'm just very particular about what I want. I've been telling my wife while I was courting her that whatever I put my name on has to be gold. Meaning that it has to be of a certain quality, look, and feel. There was a system to my madness. Although I may of drove her crazy and I potentially almost scared her away, the wedding was beautiful and everybody had a good time. Nothing but praises from everyone who attended the wedding. Even when looking back at our wedding video, just about everything I pictured in my head came true. That was the meaning behind my madness, to get as close as possible to what I've pictured in my head.

So yeah, there are things where I am very particular about the details. Something that I feel everyone should be this particular, is towards their business. I've mentioned a few times before that there is a difference between working on your business and working in your business. The difference between the two is the mindset and the systems that you've put in placed. We're going to go into depth about the systems, but let me explain the mindset for just a moment.


In the book The eMyth Revisited, you can be the technician, the manager, or the entrepreneur. Each one plays a role, but if you spend more time in either of the roles, it could spell disaster for your business. Here's a few snippets of each one from the book.


  • “The Technician is the doer.”
  • “The Technician loves to tinker.”
  • “If The Entrepreneur lives in the future and The Manager lives in the past, The Technician lives in the present. He loves the feel of things and the fact that things can get done.”
  • “As long as The Technician is working, he is happy, but only on one thing at a time. He knows that two things can’t get done simultaneously; only a fool would try. So he works steadily and is happiest when he is in control of the workflow.”


  • The Manager is pragmatic. Without him, there would be no planning, no order, no predictability.
  • “If The Entrepreneur lives in the future, The Manager lives in the past.”
  • “Where The Entrepreneur craves control, The Manager craves order.”
  • “Where The Entrepreneur thrives on change, The Manager compulsively clings to the status quo.”
  • “Where The Entrepreneur invariably sees the opportunity in events, The Manager invariably sees the problems.”


  • “The Entrepreneur lives in the future, never in the past, rarely in the present. He’s happiest when left free to construct images of ‘what-if’ and ‘if-when.’”
  • “The Entrepreneur is the innovator, the grand strategist, the creator of new methods for penetrating or creating new markets.”
  • “The Entrepreneur is our creative personality—always at its best dealing with the unknown, prodding the future, creating probabilities out of possibilities, engineering chaos into harmony.”
  • The Entrepreneur has an extraordinary need for control. He needs control of people and events in the present so that he can concentrate on his dreams.
  • “The Entrepreneur creates a great deal of havoc around him, which is predictably unsettling for those he enlists in his projects.”
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I suggest that you read The eMyth Revisited  to gain a more solid understanding of which one you could be and how being one sided in either 3 of these categories could spell disaster for your business. However, if you're able to find the right balance between all 3 of these personalities, you have a better chance of being on the path of business success. So how do you get there? Through systems.


From my time of being a consultant with businesses and speaking to people, just about all of them want a easy button. Unfortunately, it was just a Staples commercial and doesn't exists in the real world. Now there is a way to make things easier and almost automatic. And that's by creating systems to automate tasks and having the policies and procedures to do so. Yes, it does take a lot of upfront work but it truly pays dividends. If you're looking for a true ROI (return on investment) this is the best ROI that I gave all of my clients. Imagine having something in your business that is super tedious and mundane that you do day after day. It could be matching up the receipts to your business purchases. It could be posting on social media. It could be writing emails. Imagine having a script that could do that one thing automatically, where all you have to do is push a button.

That is what you call automation. The act of a task or a series of tasks working independently or codependently on one another without much interference from you. This is one of the reasons why creating systems in your business is important, because it makes running a business easier for you. If you're a solopreneur, you've literally doubled your workforce by creating systems and automating it.

In the book The eMyth Revisited, you can be the technician, the manager, or the entrepreneur. Each one plays a role, but if you spend more time in either of the roles, it could spell disaster for your business.

Those who don't create systems and automating them, find themselves spending more time working in the business instead of working on the business. If you're looking to replace yourself one day, it is very imperative  that create the systems to replace yourself. That is the most optimal way to think about your business. If you are able to replace yourself in an area of your business, that means you have more time to yourself to do whatever you want to . Be it sleeping in with your significant other, or maybe play a round of golf or two. It also frees you up to put your mind on more business. Even if you were to hire someone, you've already got the procedures and systems in place to do exactly what you do and how you do them. Coming into the classroom to talk more about creating systems for your business is our guest professor for this week, guest professor Creighton Wong.

Creighton Wong
Guest professor Creighton Wong

Guest professor Creighton Wong, is a business owner, business marketer, world traveler, adventurous foodie, and all around curious about living a full life! He is an above the knee amputee who has been an accomplished athlete, competing in the Iron Man and decathlons. He's known as a traveling nomad, growing his business from where ever he ends up at. As founder of Exponential Clients, his goal is to grow 1000 businesses. 1000 BUSINESSES!!!

It was an amazing lesson that he taught to the class that had me solidify everything that I've always told my clients about making technology work for them and not the other way around. You'll see from his speech that professor Creighton knows what he's talking about when it comes to business. He has done more in his life, despite his physical disability then anybody know who has all working limbs. If you play your cards, maybe you'll be one of the 1000 businesses that he wants to help.

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