Branding 103 Class

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by Bernard Gleton     •     March 11, 2021     •     Branding 103 Class

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Branding 103 Class

What drives you to buy product A over product B, when their both the same product? Price? Name-brand vs. off-label brand? Experience with the product? Product placement? The commercial of the product? I guess it could be any number of things that can make you choose one over the other, but let's really take into consideration what leads up to that decision. The other day, at the grocery store with my wife, I picked up a box of Golden Grahams cereal. When I threw it in the basket, my wife asked me why I choose that cereal. In true husband and guy fashion, I said because I like Golden Grahams. Why? Now before I go any further, let me say that I thank God for my wife for forcing me to think about what I did. I may not like it all the time, but she's the queen of finding things cheaper and better cost. With that being said, her follow-up statement was, "We can get that cheaper down the street." As a good husband, I said okay. It's less money out of my pocket. Let's unpack this a little deeper, but let's revisit the question, "What drives you to buy product A over product B?"

This is another lesson on Branding where I am going to bring something to light that I've may not have mentioned in my other articles on Branding. Let's talk about social media and your branding and marketing. How does your profile look? Can your potential clients get to your website? Do they even know what you're selling? Are you offering them FREE value to make them see why they should buy your product? There are plenty of ways and more in-depth ways of using social media for branding and marketing, but let's try to keep it as simple and basic as we can.

Tip #1

If you've been on social media lately, there are tons and tons of people on social media. Because there are tons and tons of people on social media, businesses flock to social media to get turn those social surfers into the buyers of their products and services. I tend to always see the businesses that try to stuff their products and services down your throat. Those are the accounts and profiles that I don't follow. So tip # 1, offer more value than products and services.

I can hear you saying deep in your mind, "Well how do I offer value?" Well, you can start by offering free things or memes or testimonies. Offer free content that speaks to your would-be customers. Envoke some type of feeling from your audience, be it happy, thought-provoking, or motivating. You would not believe just how many customers you would get just by doing that. 

Tip #2

Let's think back to high school for a moment. I understand high school may not have been the best time for you so think back to kindergarten. In kindergarten, if you wanted to make friends, you be friendly to someone. You might share your crayon or a toy, or even a booger if you're into that sort of thing. You do that and you practically have a friend for life. So where am I going with this friend stuff? Tip # 2, be friendly.

There's that old adage in the bible that says to show yourself friendly, so guess what you should do...BE FRIENDLY!!! So how do you be friendly? Just show that you're caring about your customers. That you've done some type of act of kindness toward someone. This is not to say that you should boast about how nice of a person you are, do something for someone without expecting anything in return. This not only shows that you actually care, but it also put out good vibes into the universe that will always return to you in good measure. I know, what does have to do with marketing or branding, right? Well, good word travels fast. Think about that. If you show that you care about your customers, guess what they will do? They will tell any and everybody about you. That's great customer service.

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Tip #3

Back when I used to play football, we would have film sessions. The purpose of the film sessions was to study. We studied ourselves and most importantly, we studied our opponents for the next game. If we operate on the Compound Effect of improving ourselves by 1% every day, studying ourselves on film was only .5%. The other .5% came from the workouts. But let me bring your attention over to studying the opponent. By us studying the competition, we were able to pick up on their tendencies. We were able to spot patterns, their weakness, and their strengths, and we would plan accordingly to have an edge going into the game. So tip #3, study the competition.

Let's be honest, there will always be competition. Someone will always be better than you or doing something better than you. Why wouldn't you study them and see what works for them? I'm not saying that you should steal their secret recipe like that little blue thing on Sponge Bob, that's always after the Crabby Patty's recipe. (In full disclosure, I'm not a Sponge Bob fan but all of the kids my wife and I babysit are, and it just so happens that it's playing in the background as I'm writing this.) However, see what they are doing well at. How can you put your own spin on what they are doing well at? Or can you do it better? Just food for thought.

What drives you to buy product A over product B? Here's another lesson on branding.

There are more tips that can be explored on how to be that winning product that people choose but I do believe that it's important that we make sure that we have the basics. Some of these tips might be tips where you find yourself saying, "yeah, of course". But I think that it's important that you master the basics before you move on to anything else. If you want to learn how to dunk a basketball, you must first learn how to do a layup. After you master the layup, then you can work on dunking the basketball and becoming a master at that. You may not be able to dunk a basketball to score, but you could do a layup to score. In this sense, you being able to master a few of the basics of branding and marketing is you mastering the layups. You jumping into the deep end of branding and marketing, is you dunking the basketball. If all else fails, you can always go back to the basics.

It wasn't until I had this conversation with the guest professor today that he helped deepen my understanding of branding and marketing. He gave away great tips and know-how to get started with your branding or just take your branding to another level. I must admit, some of the things he said blew me away. So just know that just like you're learning from this lesson, so am I. I've actually been employing some of the tips that he offered and I have seen a different response from people and my audience, and I'll be the first to say that it appears to be working for me. So let's bring into the classroom to teach us this lesson, guest professor Emmanuel Clark.

Guest professor Emmanuel Clark

Guest professor Emmanuel Clark is the owner of an up-and-coming black marketing company in Chicago is stepping in to talk about the ups and downs of being not only a business owner but believing in yourself when nobody else does. Make sure you take notes on this lesson because it is sure to do your business wonders. 

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