Branding 102

A guy with glasses playing chess, making a chess move

Branding 102 by Bernard Gleton     •     January 14, 2021     •     Positioning Class Share this article: Branding 102 I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs the difference between marketing and branding. To refresh your memory a tad bit, marketing is just getting your message out to the masses where branding…

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Counseling Class

A woman therapist talking to her male client in a office.

Counseling Class by Bernard Gleton     •     January 21, 2021     •     Counseling Class Share this article: Counseling Class In our annual Mental Health episode, I wanted to talk about somethings that I have been experiencing recently. I’ve come to realize that as an entrepreneur, the road is oftentimes lonely…

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Positioning Class

A guy with glasses playing chess, making a chess move

Positioning Class by Bernard Gleton     •     January 7, 2021     •     Positioning Class Share this article: Positioning Class When I was a young man growing up on the west side of Detroit, a lot of the older guys that I looked up to use to have this saying; “It’s CHESS,…

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Finance Class

tax forms and financial statements under a computer mouse and cup of coffee

Finance Class by Bernard Gleton     •     December 17, 2020     •     Finance Class Share this article: Finance Class We all want money. We all need money. Whether it’s a lot of money like Jeff Bezos or just enough money to not struggle anymore. Or even if it’s just enough…

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Failure 101

Mistake on crossword puzzle covered up by white-out

Failure 101 by Bernard Gleton     •     December 10, 2020     •     Failure 101 Share this article: Failure 101 As you can tell from the title of this blog, we’re going to be talking about failure. Let’s have a serious moment for a second, we’ve all failed at something and…

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Marketing Class

Tablet on a table next to glasses, with online marketing displayed on the screen

Marketing Class by Bernard Gleton     •     December 3, 2020     •     Marketing Class Share this article: Marketing Class There are so many facets and levels to marketing, that one often doesn’t know where to begin. We often start with the basics which are getting a website, getting social media,…

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Business Management Class

Man at wall filled with sticky notes

Business Management Class by Bernard Gleton    •     November 19, 2020     •     Business Management Class Share this article: Business Management Class From my consulting experience, it appears that business management is an unsung hero for businesses that do well and more so like the hunchback of Notre Dam to…

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The Chancellor Speaks

A row of microphones

The Chancellor Speaks by Chancellor Bernard Gleton     •     November 12, 2020     •     Editorial Share this article: New Semester, New Classmates and New… Welcome to the second semester. I’m happy to be back in, even more, excited about this semester. My original plan was to have the second semester out…

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Networking Class

People at a cocktail party, conversating.

Networking Class by Chancellor Bernard Gleton     •     November 12, 2020     •     Networking Class Share this article: Networking Class One of my favorite books, when I was younger, was Dale Carnegie’s Book “How to Win Friends & Influence People”. I highly recommend that you read that book if you…

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Entrepreneurship For Beginners

People sitting around a table, in a meeting

HOME EPISODES Blog RESOURCES Subscribe Entrepreneurship For Beginners by Bernard Gleton     •     September 28, 2020     •     How To Share this article: Entrepreneurship For Beginners Nowadays, people are looking for extra cash to supplement their 9-5’s. We affectionately call them “Hustles”. At the risk of dating myself and sounding…

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