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When I started my first business, I asked family and friends "How Do I Start A Business??"

90% of them never started a business and 10% of them couldn't remember.

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About The Show


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They say that success leaves clues. The Genesis Project Podcast is a weekly and seasonal show where we dig into the weeds to get those clues. The show is based around a school concept where the listening audience is the classroom, the topic being talked about is the lesson and the guest is the guest professor. This is #TheSchoolofHardKnocks.


This podcast is for people who are looking to get into and start their ENTREPRENEURIAL PATH, who needs some direction on how to begin. As well as people who are looking to take their business to another level. The guest professors of the show will go through their successes and failures and will share tips and tricks that had helped them to reach some level of success.

Are you just afraid of taking that leap of faith?

The Genesis Project Podcast will give you the inspiration and confidence to feed that hunger in your spirit to move past your fears and to begin your journey.

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About The Host

The host of the show, Bernard Gleton has been through his share of ups and downs, and even sideways. After having a short stint in the CFL (Canadian Football League) with no college football experience, he found his way into the Information Technology field. 

He was able to take his analytical skills from the football field to the IT field. About 3 years into his career, he decided to start his own tech business as a co-founder, and that's what started him on his path of entrepreneurship. Now, as an ex-pro athlete, turned tech entrepreneur, and speaker, Bernard became a podcaster to push the entrepreneur agenda and is transparent about his experiences for others to learn from his entrepreneurial experiences and more. 

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